It's so easy to forget that the things of this world do not define who we are; so easy to lose sight of the reasons for our existence and the true meaning of life.  Take these "moments apart" to stop and re-orient yourself to what really matters.



A Moment Apart


About Me...

Hi, I'm Jess.  Church secretary, wife, and mother of two during the day, freelance writer by, well, when I can.


I am also, most importantly, a believer in Jesus Christ, our Messiah, the One who came to save and will come again.  If you take anything away from "A Moment Apart," I hope it's the knowledge that God is here, bigger than our day to day struggles, bigger than even our huge struggles, and greater than any joy we can hold in our hearts.


That's just cool.




The great thing about email is that you can use it anytime!  Feel free to message me prayer concerns, questions, or comments.  


And remember - God's not on a 24 hour schedule, either, and He's available even more quickly than email.


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Blessings to   You

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